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A single-post car lift is an industrial lift that is used to service automobiles, motorcycles, and even lawn mowers. Mechanic Superstore single post car lifts are mobile and can be used for many different tasks, from removing tires to pinch welds. These devices are highly versatile and can save space by freeing up extra storage space. In addition, these lifts are easy to use and can be adapted to a variety of uses.

Nussbaum QL8000

The Nussbaum QL8000 single-post vehicle lift is a premium product with many benefits. It is built with safety in mind and has at least one redundant safety system. This lift has a compact design, double jointed arms, and double power units to ensure safety for both you and your vehicle. It also comes with Nussbaum's patented Safety Star Technology for added safety. If you're in the market for a new lift, this is the model for you.

Soltar Duplex

When purchasing a new single post car lift, there are several factors that should be considered. Not only does the type of lift affect the safety of your vehicle, but how it is installed is also important. A car lift is a large, powerful piece of equipment, and improper installation could result in serious injuries or worse. Read on for some tips on how to install a car lift safely. Then, you'll know which type to purchase and when to use it.

Atlas(r) LR-06P

The Atlas(r) OH-10X is a commercial grade, two post car lift that is perfect for large repair facilities, Mr. Homeowners and even the professional mechanic. This 10,000-lb. capacity lift was designed to lift everything from Smart Cars (r) to a one-ton diesel dually. The OH-10X can also be used for storing cars.


QuickJack is a leading manufacturer of portable car lifts. The company is known for its open-center design and has developed a proprietary flow divider for its lifting systems. This divider ensures that the lifts' frames are level at all times. This innovative lift also has automatic mechanical locks that prevent it from rolling over your floor. You can choose from a variety of weight classes and models. These portable lifts are a great option for small garages. You can also use them on your driveway, which gives you more flexibility and better serviceability.


If you want a high-quality car lift without breaking the bank, Dannmar automotive equipment is the answer. These lifts are ALI certified and offer all the features of more expensive models, but are affordable enough for most shops. The Dannmar DMS-15C four-post car lift is especially convenient for body shops, as it has an extended range of lift heights and an extra-wide working area. It also comes with a durable hydraulic pump assembly and single-point safety handle for added safety.


There are several benefits of APlusLift single-post car lifts. They are easy to use, with a single lever or "up" button to raise or lower the vehicle. They are also equipped with various safety features, including double point safety locks, automatic arm lock restraints, protective rubber door guards, and an unlimited switch. They provide a safe and comfortable way to work on vehicles, whether they are new or old.


If you're in the market for a new car lift, consider buying one from BendPak single-post car lift manufacturers. These lifts have been used in countless auto repair facilities for years, so you can trust that they'll get the job done right. This company is headquartered in the United States, but its factories are located in foreign countries. Because of this, you'll get a quality lift at a price that's affordable for the average person.

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