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"A Safe Place or Haven"

Established 2004

Last Modified 26th May 2008

Borstal Images

Here you can browse images taken around the village. This page will expand as and when new pictures are taken or received.

This is the only photograph I have of the now demolished Borstal Manor. Unfortunately it is only an old photocopy of the photograph but I have added it anyway as people have asked to see it. (26 May 2008)
A view of Fort Clarence as it appears in modern times. It has now been converted into private residences, without losing much of its character. (24 September 2004)
Taken from Willis Gardens (now known as Fort Clarence Gardens according to the council sign), this is a view into the moat that runs from Fort Clarence down to the edge of the cliff, beyond which are now houses, but was the site of the Short Brothers factory. (24 September 2004)
It is possible to scramble down the bank from the south side of the gardens and get into the mote. Looking back up the moat shows the old entrance into the tunnels of Fort Clarence. (24 September 2004)
The following photographs are taken around Willis Gardens (now shown as Fort Clarence Gardens by the sign erected by the council). (24 September 2004)
(24 September 2004)
Looking south along Borstal Street, at the bottom of Cookham Hill, showing the controversial concrete retaining wall; controversial due to the disagreement between council and residents as to who was liable to pay for the repairs that were recently required. (24 September 2004)
Looking north along Borstal Street, towards Borstal Road and Priestfields. (23 July 2006)
The rather sad-looking St Matthew's School buildings, now unused. (23 July 2006)
The basic but well used village hall. (23 July 2006)
Looking down Cookham Hill from the junction with Hill Road, adjacent to the Canopus public house. (24 September 2004)
A view of the original M2 motorway bridge across the Medway by Safety Bay. Opened in 1963, this photo was taken in late 1997. It has now been joined by an additional road bridge and the Channel Tunnel Rail Link bridge. (Autumn 1997)
A view underneath the bridge, taken on the same day as the above picture. (Autumn 1997)
Looking along the entrance to the footpath that cross the motorway bridge. (23 July 2006)
A view of the original bridge (at the rear) with the new motorway bridge (in the middle) and the Channel Tunnel Rail Link bridge (at the front). (21 September 2006)
This footpath is adjacent to the motorway footpath above except that it leads down to Warwick Crescent. (23 July 2006)
All three Medway Bridges, taken from the top of the hill adjacent to the Borstal Institution, looking along the Nashenden Valley towards Cuxton on the far side of the river. (24 September 2004)
A further view of the bridges, taken from the top of the hill adjacent to the St Matthew's Infant School site. (24 September 2004)
A view of Borstal Marina from the motorway bridge in somewhat nicer weather than the above! (23 July 2006)
A view across Baty's Marsh looking towards the river. (21 September 2006)
A view from Baty's Marsh looking towards Rochester with the castle and cathedral spire visible. (21 September 2006)
To the south of the village is Nashenden Lane which used to be the route out to the hamlet of Nashenden but was cut across by the M2 motorway. This is the view looking in the direction of the motorway, although this image suggests an altogether more rural setting. (23 July 2006)
A view taken from roughly the same location as the above only looking north back towards the village. (23 July 2006)
A view of the small hamlet of Nashenden, also taken from adjacent to the Institution. Between here and the hamlet runs the 8 lane M2 motorway, out of view below the brow of the hill. On the far side of the hamlet can be seen the cutting over the Channel Tunnel Rail Link. (24 September 2004)
To the south of the motorway and railway crossings is the remaining corner of the village, including Brambletree Cottages adjacent to the cricket club. (21 September 2006)